Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adam Ant Prototype T-Shirts and Tattoos

On Facebook it has been announced that he is selling 14 signed prototype t-shirts of an upcoming design to be widely sold. They're $156 / £ 100 each. Wow. Lol. Ouch!

People are biiiitching about it. ;). I think they are missing a few salient points. First, they're signed. Second, he may have designed them or even had a hand in painting them. (You never know-he's an accomplished graphic artist, after all.). Third, there will be cheap versions printed for the rabble.

Personally, I'd consider buying one. But I'd frame it. ;). Would never wear it, of course. I don't get where people are calling him greedy. Sheesh, he doesn't owe it to anybody to provide them with cheap clothes. None of us do.

He's a rock star, he works hard, he does a lot of stuff for other people already, so quit griping that you should be getting a one of a kind item at Walmart prices. Think of it as a piece of artwork. If you don't like the price, don't buy it, shut up about it, and wait for the cheap shirts to come out so you can start a petty squabble about these. Nobody ever said you had to buy one of these. Gosh. He deserves to get paid and oh well, these shirts cost more than the mass-produced ones. His concerts are a lot more affordable than most going around today.

As for me, well, if he ever autographed something like my shoulder, I'd get it tattooed on permanently. :). And I'm a person with NO tattoos or desire to have them. I just never thought of anything I would want on me forever, and I'm not in a rush to get some crappy something scarred onto me so I can think I'm cool like the rest of the people with tattoos. It's a commitment. I'd pay for quality over quantity.

To each his own, naturally, but I'll bet that as super trendy as tattoos are now, within ten years it'll be even more trendy to get rid of them -- especially as the substandard ones start to deteriorate.

Cousin Bubba's prison lined fine artistry won't please you forever, I'll bet. Probably the only people who will truly want to keep theirs will be the people who spent money for a true artist to ink them, and who continue to spend money having those tattoos refreshed periodically.

I'm just not that interested in tattoos. I can appreciate nice ones, but they don't really excite me. I'm not impressed with how touuuugh someone is because they have some tattoos. I'd be more impressed to see them as a regular blood donor.

Picture is just an impulsive sketch - I have a lot to learn about drawing, though I can't take the kind of classes I'd like to. But it was fun to sketch on my iPad. :). No, I'm not feeling any better, but the doodling did distract me before I once again fell asleep like a narcoleptic this afternoon.

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  1. Your comment about having his autograph tattooed is exactly my story! I was/am not a tattoo type person, but I got to meet him and had him autograph my shoulder blade which I then had tattooed. I had it done 17 years ago and still have never regretted it for a moment. I just got to meet him again and showed him. He was quite suprised. He is such a sweet guy.