Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alarming Stench of Strawberries

I like strawberries. Oh, do I. :). Not quite as much as cherries, but we used to grow an entire garden of them at my grandmother's house.

A few days ago I bought a quart of fresh strawberries, and the smell emanating from the package nauseated me. Nothing but strawberry smell.

I was scared to eat many of them, given that they came from south of the border and we've had problems with contaminated imported fruit for a few years now. Salmonella.

Been there. Done that. Really did wish I would just go on and die instead of living through any more of that pain.

Those berries went completely bad in two days. Into the garbage they went.
Perhaps I'm going about my fruit consumption the wrong way.

Tonight I bought another quart of strawberries and verified that they were grown in California. That's a good sign. Those growers are watched.

And THIS quart has that horrible stench. It's just the natural smell of strawberries, but suddenly I can't stand it.

The berries are gorgeous. Just sweet enough, large, and very prettily red. The leaves are all fresh and bright green. They're nearly perfect. Too perfect. Hmmm...

You guessed it. They're Stepford Strawberries. They couldn't be satisfied with Stepford wives and Stepford children, so now they're tinkering with the fruit! Oh sure, enhance everything...

... Even the smell of the strawberries. Creepy. And disgusting! I thought that overly sensitive sense of smell only happened to pregnant women. (Don't look at me like that. Everyone knows I'm never going to have children.)

Seriously though, what kind of weirdo becomes nauseated over the smell of fresh strawberries?

Who even *notices* that the leaves have a knock-me-down smell? (They stopped troubling me after I capped the berries and threw the leaves out.)

I have small hands, even for a woman. (My winter gloves for playing in the snow hail from the little boys' department, and they are still too big. LOL). But look at the size of that Stepford Strawberry - in mid-April, no less. Seems rather unusual to me.

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