Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blasted Bloodsuckers!!

Freaking mosquitoes already staked a claim on me, and it was in the house! While I was sleeping, no less.

It wasn't bad enough, oh no, for them to get my right arm several times. And this year I'm having a reaction. Welts swelling up in half of them.

Oh, but the icing on the cake -- the nailed the right side of my face too. On me that causes an almost instant infection. By the time I realize it has happened, it looks worse than acne would.

I wouldn't be surprised if I tested positive for bloody West Nile Virus. See, I said so the other day. Just because the mosquitoes aren't attacking you this year...

It doesn't mean they're gone, it just means they found ME first, and they definitely like my sweet blood when given a choice of humans.


I can't wear insect repellant all day, every day! Can I???

Death to all mosquitoes. Screw the food chain!!!

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