Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bloodletting for the Common Good

Yesterday after work I passed a rather witty come-on for a blood drive at one of our local schools. The sign read "Don't give your blood to the vampires! Donate it here!".

When I realized that it had been almost a year since my last donation (guilt...) I decided to stop by and give it a shot. I sometimes have problems with anemia, but I think I have finally figured out what my problem is with that.

I started once again taking liquid b vitamins to help with my low energy levels. After a few months of that, the blood guy told me I had PLENTY of iron now. No supplements taken, and no effort to improve my diet. A little research showed that b vitamins increase the number of red blood cells your body has, so I figured that maybe it wasn't the iron I was truly lacking Maybe it was too few red blood cells. Hmm. More cells = more iron, more oxygen.

So he told me (same guy... We share a birthday-Valentine's day, and no, it isn't a great birthday to have when you're alone) that I have plenty of iron once again, blood pressure was good, and resting pulse rate of 100 was probably due to the student who I had to deal with the last period of the day. She deserved far worse than the calm dispatch to the office that I actually gave. But I was cool. I expected her to pull that stunt.

I got a cool t-shirt. :) I was thrilled to discover that not only can I not wear an extra large shirt anymore, but that the large was too big as well, though it was the smallest size they had. (Hey, I'm not flat-chested. I don't get to wear a small top no matter how much weight I lose. Lol) So medium, here I come. Yay me, I still need to get back in the gym.

They said they had a shortage of my blood type, a positive, and o negative. Uh oh. Mine is the second most common type in the US. Bad sign. Y'all go give blood, ok? I mean, I am only of value for my blood and organs, but there is no synthetic blood for human life saving. If they don't have it when you need a transfusion, you're gonna die. There aren't enough donors.

So stop being a coward and go give something of yourself. Oh, and stop acting like I don't do enough for others when you just let your own blood die in your body, though it could save as many as three lives, with just one donation.

I've donated over five GALLONS in my life. :)

Unfortunately, right after the donation the mosquitoes still found me as tempting and sweetly tasty as on any other day.

Well at least somebody loves me. LOL

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