Monday, April 30, 2012

Bonfire and Venison

Saturday night was an "I'm washing my hair because I don't have anything better to do" kind of night. Lol. So I figured, I've got all this time, I'll spend it making myself uh, pretty. ;)

Oh shut up. I felt prettier, anyway. I felt a lot cleaner after sugar scrubbing my face, doing a body polish (that really got my circulation going!), and scrubbing my feet. I was soft and slick all over when I got out.

Well, not all over, so I did use some sandpaper on some stubborn places on my face.

Close your mouth, I was gentle. Think of it as dermabrasion, and yes, I know what I'm doing. Some places just don't lost dead skin cells like they should so this helps me out. I don't suggest that you try it at home. There is far too high a risk that you will cut yourself. I was just doing a gentle buffing.

So there I was, fresh and clean feeling, and walked into my bedroom to find some texts inviting me to a bonfire. :D. I'm a pyromaniac. Sounds like fun.

When I said I was going fresh faced, I was serious. Hahaha whole fresh layer of skin all over was exposed. I felt clean. I didn't even put my usual makeup on. Just eyeliner and lipstick. Didn't fix my wet hair either. (hours later, it was still wet!) So whoever saw me saw the real me. Poor things. ;).

Had a lot of laughs with friends. :). Got to play with an adorable little girl who remembers me for what I had with me the last time I was there: my iPad, my dog, and the blanket I threw on the ground for us to sit on. Aww I disappointed her this time by having none of those things. So she allowed me to push her on her swing and be chased by her around the yard. We did some pirouettes, too. Despite my state, I did them very well and without falling. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was her age too. :)

I ate some venison too, which I was really afraid of, but only because the other two times I'd had it, the wild taste made me sick. But this really just tasted like beef. I enjoyed it for a change. I am a very picky eater, so that's saying a lot. My compliments to the hunter / chef. ;)

I'd had a pretty bad headache all day, but I did manage to forget it for the hours I was at the bonfire. :D. I did have a lot of fun but it did come with knowing my hormones are tormenting me right now and there ain't a thing I can do about it. Boo.

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