Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bribe or Challenge?

Today I bribed a student and I don't feel a bit penitent about it. I told her that if she would keep her discipline record clean for the remainder of the school year, I'll give her a nice present on the last day of school.

I told her it was a challenge, and I know she is up to it because her behavior is her choice.

And I'm dead serious. I'm thinking about painting something special just for her, or maybe making her a pretty scarf, or even getting her movie tickets.

I Just. Want. Her. To. Be. Good.

I'd like for her to see that there are benefits to behaving, rather than being obnoxious.

That's all. If it takes me providing extrinsic motivation to teach her some intrinsic motivation, I'm willing to help her. *sigh* I hope it works. I've programmed in my reminders to keep checking her progress and to have her gift ready at the end of May as well.

If she doesn't make it, I'm not going to say anything further about it though.

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