Monday, April 23, 2012

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

For the record, I stopped my treatment last night after the shower. It seems that after stimulating my circulation with the scrub and peppermint, my head chilled out with the pain. Though I did spritz my pillows and sheets with minty pillow mist. It's just pleasant, relaxing, and conducive to restful dreams.

Once I finally overcame my yawning, I wasn't tired all day. I didn't manage to sleep any earlier than usual and I did have to take some Melatonin to counter the caffeine in the Pepsi, but I slept well for a change.

Once again I want to take a stab at an herb garden. It's strange to me that when I only had a patio and no yard, my container herb garden thrived. When I bought my house, planting in the ground or in containers with purchased potting soil still made for a lousy garden.

Maybe the ground is contaminated. (Yeah, I know I can have it tested.). Maybe it has something to do with the fact there is no water outlet in the backyard and I don't want to lug a massive hose around and around to water it.

I've been wanting to convert my crummy backyard into an English Garden for years now, but there is that water issue *sigh* and the big pecan tree overhanging all which might complicate things. Right now my yard looks like a pecan tree nursery. Oh yeah, they are viable seeds, my pecans.

Okay, I'm getting sad wishing for a pretty garden because it would take too much modification of my property and I don't want to do intense maintenance. I hate weeding and I hate mosquitoes.

Anybody know of an article that tells how to turn your horrible buried-trash yard into something worth visiting a couple of times a week? (Hey, I didn't bury the trash. I found it when I tried to dig a garden bed and heard the clang as the shovel hit a refrigerator rack. I never was strong enough to dig that sucker up, either. )

Right now is the prime time to do what should be done.

And I don't want to.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed is an expression of my grandmother's that describes being awake, alert, and ready to face the day. It makes me think of squirrels, of course.

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