Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can't afford the silk

Well, I could, but I just can't justify the purchase of silk yarn for a garment I may be too angry to finish. If it doesn't look great from the first piece, I know I won't finish it. That's just the way it is. Finding or making clothes that look good on me has always been a trial.

When I was a skinny teen, I still had to contend with my bosom. Big enough to fit that always hangs off like a shower curtain. It's disheartening when nothing looks right though you have the body to look great. Lol

Has crochet always been such a freaking expensive hobby, or is it just that something has changed recently? It's true that I'd like to work with nicer fibers but when the designers create things with silk yarns.... I can't spend $150 on yarn for a single garment. Yikes!

No, I don't think I'm worth it and you can't buy dk weight yarn around here anyway. Nor wool, but that would be fairly useless where I live anyway. I'm not likely to be out fishing on a ship in the cold. Though I might go out on such a boat if I go to Ireland in a couple of years, I don't plan to fish.

I just don't like fishing or even reading about others' thrilling exploits like... Sitting somewhere for hours, fishing. There has to be some action involved for me to enjoy it.

When I was a teen perfecting my skills, I bought cheap acrylic yarn because that's what I could afford. :). Now that I know a little more about fibers, I still can't justify spending over $100 in materials for something I might not feel motivated to finish.

I did spend $62 on the yarn to make a copy of the sweater from my class but I didn't buy silk. Not even bamboo. That was too expensive and didn't have colors that would work together. I'd still have spent $120+ for bamboo.

So I got Lion Brand Microspun. Let's hope it drapes well and I don't look like I'm wearing a stiff tent.

I suppose if it doesn't drape, I can always kill the fabric with an iron. I've done it before.

Someone suggested that I make and sell sweaters and I'll get rich.

Let's take that $150 gorgeous silk sweater.
Add in an hourly wage for me to make it.
And then add in the attitude of the locals that makes them think they should get a $500 sweater for $20. And then get a discount because they think they are special.


Your average person doesn't understand the value in couture. They just believe they are entitled to it without paying for it. :). I get it, but I am a teacher in a small town. What would be the point?

I'm beginning to think Sam is right. I'm not the small-town kind of person and I'm in the wrong place. But it's hard to throw away everything you worked so hard to get just on a whim that being all alone in a big city will be good for you. Heck, it wasn't good for me when I was in other small towns. I'm too introverted.

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