Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chameleon Eyes

I remember taking the first really good look at my eye color when I was in fifth grade. We had to put together a poetry notebook (continuing the theme of forced poetry consumption that still makes me shudder to this day though I know it was supposed to make me appreciate poetry) and one of the poems had to include a physical description of ourselves.

My eyes had been brown as long as I could remember, but when I took a good look, they were a greenish brown. So in my poem I said something about my eyes being brown and green, and earned a very snide response from the teacher saying that was stupid unless one was green and the other brown. At the time I didn't know to say "greenish-brown" as a color, and I certainly didn't know about hazel eyes.

As a teacher now, I have to look back and wonder what I did to make Mrs. B hate me so much that she was always saying nasty things to me. I was a well-behaved kid and I made good grades. But I wasn't the only kid terrified of her so maybe I hadn't done anything wrong. She almost made me hate reading. I still feel scared inside when I remember being in her class and waiting for the bite of her verbal whip.

A couple of years ago I researched changing eye color because my eyes started looking green, not hazel. Ms. Critical was thinking that I was just looking for some excuse to think myself special. But as it turns out, hazel eyes do sometimes change color over the course of a lifetime.

Or in my case, less than half of a lifetime.

20 years ago I bought contacts to make my brown eyes green, though I was told it wouldn't work. It did. :).

Now my eyes are green. Works for me.

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