Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chomping through that stash like PAC-Man

Well, it feels like that to ME, anyway.

OH! It's a stash of YARN, by the way.

Progress I made today on using a huge donated bag of yarn. :). Started this morning and it's about 6 feet long, so far, and about a 10 inches wide.

By the way, I crochet really fast. ;). Guess I never truly got over my childhood impatience. Hey, any job worth doing is worth doing super-fast, right ? I like results.

Results like finishing a big project fast, using materials that were destined for the trash, and blending a lot of bright colors together.

My dark side tells me I'm planning for the daughters and grandchildren I'll never have. LOL. My practical self tells me that my siblings have kids and they'll someday have kids, and it won't hurt to be prepared. After all, people seem to like the baby blankets I make for their baby showers. Yeah, it's kinda like torture for me but I do it anyway. :-/

I don't like to be cold, therefore, I don't like to think about others being cold. So there ya go. Still, it doesn't exactly push me to go knit the angora sweater a relative snidely demanded last year.

Her attitude reminds me of a line from Practical Magic -- "You can't practice witchcraft while looking down your nose at it!" In other words, don't make fun of me for being able to knit and crochet and then expect me to make you a $200 sweater that you'll put in a yard sale for a dollar in a year.

I love her, but I've seen too much of some (actually lovely) things I've made for their family tossed aside without care for the time I spent making them.

Disclaimer: the yarn is currently dirty. Eww. I hate that. But it's easier to work it into something and wash it thoroughly afterward than to try to clean it while it is in skeins.

I tried yesterday to make a quick blanket out of the yarn, but I hated everything I tried. I think I'll like how the granny stripes look. :) I hope the previous owner of the yarn is smiling down happily.

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