Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creative delirium in the wee hours

Last night I passed out around 10 pm. I think. Well, I know that I received a text around that time and never did hear it. The next time I remember waking up was around 4 am. I played an inspiring 4 rounds of scrabble for someone who was still pretty much asleep.

I do my best creative thinking when I'm hovering over the edge of unconsciousness. Ask my sister. I designed an awesome brochure for her once while I was sleeptalking. Seriously. :). Sometimes I regret not knowing anything about graphic design when I was in college. I think I would have been great at it.

So now I'm a teacher and could retire in 12 years (if I don't take any of my retirement benefits for three years after that. Yeah, live on nothing, that works.). I think sometimes around going back to school and embracing my artistic side over my practical side. If nothing good happens in my life in the meantime and I feel the need to retire from teaching, I just might do it.

I started teaching early. I just passed 40, so don't be thinking that 12 years to retirement means I'm an old lady. I'm not. :) Hey, I'm still waiting to live my 20s and 30s. I had to be responsible far too young and the rest of living fell by the wayside. Gee, don't I make it all look so fun and easy?

Understand that I call it passing out when there is no alcohol involved. Those are nights when I'm so tired I fall asleep on my bed doing something, clothes on, contacts in, face unwashed, and more often than not, lights on and door unlocked. I don't know if it's more disturbing that the door is unlocked or that I'm sleeping soundly in a light-filled room. That's exhaustion, folks. Next week will be intensely worse when I have four days of reading a state-mandated test aloud for several hours.

Don't ask me for any favors, please. :). I'll probably go home and sleep every day.

Right now I'm thinking about my dog having peed on the sofa cushion more than once. The cover is in the wash, and I'm mad as hell at him.

But I also want to go back to sleep. There's nothing going on in my world today except some hilarious tweets about Adam Ant and Fifty Shades of Grey. Still, I'm tired. Had a great massage and I want to sleep despite last night's 12 hours. I'd also like a bunch of gummy bears, but that ain't happening either. Anybody else get stomachaches when they eat gummy bears?

Btw - comments are open if you want to say something about any of my posts. But if you're just a cowardly lurker, that's fine too. ;) /end taunt

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