Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cursed Bloodsuckers

Okay, it was worse than I thought. I recall that a couple of weeks ago they went through my shirt, and a blanket I had wrapped around me, and through my bra, to attack my back. They could have gone for my legs, but no.

Last week they went up the legs of my shorts and bit my backside. It was literally a swollen bloody mess of bites and welts for several days. Don't ask for details. It was pretty gross.

This morning getting into the shower, I realized that they went for easily visible areas. My neck, my face, my shoulders, and my chest. Yeah, there too. Now that I've paid attention, they really got me.

You know, I've always though it odd that around west Tennessee, we have "bottom land". Well, in the springtime when we have near catastrophic flooding, anyone can drive by on the highway and see it for what it is. What I want to know is --

Why doesn't anyone ever mention that the town is in the middle of a freaking swamp?

I never hear the word swamp. but it's a SWAMP! Mosquitoes love swamps!!!


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