Sunday, April 29, 2012

Digital Magazine Age

Sitting in Java Cafe listening to Kings of Leon and entertaining thoughts of tormenting the owner. Or just being obnoxious, because I doubt he'd notice. ;). I'm pretty much invisible.

I wish that Digital Scrapbooking Magazine had lived long enough for iPads to come out. I didn't care for how the magazine looked on my laptop but I think this screen would have made a fantastic difference. It was a great magazine and right up my alley.

I do wish that publishers would admit they'd save tons on digital-only subscribers and give us a discount for the printing costs we don't incur for them. I'd buy more digital magazines, if that was the case. I get a little manic about buying magazines I like, and buy every back issue when I discover a new one. Ooookay, so that's a little bit of odd behavior, but I already owned up to being the purple sparkly sheep of the family. Don't get too close or I'll glitter all over you!

I also wish that all of the digital magazines had preview pages. I'd be more likely to buy them if I could be tempted by the inner content. Maybe it's in my favor that the temptation is kept at bay. At least buying digital-only issues slows me down on the physical clutter in my house. Evil plan well accomplished.

I like that there are direct links to advertisers and magazine extras. I don't have to go find a computer and type in addresses to look at that a-tuff. Just tap and go there for instant gratification. Or possibly instant scorn, depending upon the ad and my response of "I'm not gonna buy that!". Sometimes I do find useful links to sites I like though. I can't find interesting new art materials locally, sooo, online it is.

On the downside... Several magazines I bought digitally can only be read on my iPad and not my iPhone. Problem is that I'm not taking my iPad to Europe with me. I need that reading material on my phone. *sigh*.

If I don't have anything to read, I'll be tempted to draw. That could just infuriate me. Especially when some well-meaning person tries to tell me what I'm doing wrong. Why the heck are there still no college-level evening art classes in this area, STILL?

What to do? Screen shot every page on my iPad, arrange the pages into a PDF in my CamScanner Pro app, and save them to Kindle. It's a pain, but I paid enough for those magazines that I should be able to read them in both of my devices.

The big question: if little old me can figure out how to format the magazines for iPhone, why can't they?

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