Saturday, April 14, 2012


Over the past week I noticed that my welted mosquito bites stayed swollen and now they are bruised and swollen. What the heck? I've had a little problem with edema for years, and after my trip to San Antonio, I realized that flying puffs me up like crazy. That's why I look extra fat in those pictures. True, I needed to lose some weight, but a good bit of it was edema. That was less than a three hour flight.

Upcoming flights to Italy: none less than two hours and over the ocean they'll be 8+ hours. What am ongoing to do? I can't take a diuretic, since flight dehydration is already a problem. Special socks? I don't want to be walking around with cankles. Lol
Avoid sodium, go nuts with hydration, and lose another ten pounds first? Eek.

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