Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Hmm. Should I review it and tell what I think? Ugh, that would be admitting I read it! Um, the trilogy. Lol. Actually, I'm only halfway through the second book.

Okay, I know I'm supposed to be a stuffy school teacher and local opinion seems to be that as such, I'm only allowed to live my life in a way that seems socially acceptable to them , (get a clue, nobody owns me) but I do read quite a variety of quality literature and sometimes I read trashy stuff. Oh right, like YOU've never read a romance novel? Sure. Deny, deny, deny.

Some things I will only 'fess up to in person, and never in print. Some things would bore you, like technical manuals and electronics creation. And still other things we could have an entertaining discussion about. My reading tastes run the gamut from fairy tales (still) to how-to books.

One of these days I'll write something more substantial than a blog. Oh wait, I have two stories / novels on progress already -- I just lack the motivation and confidence to keep moving until I'm in the mood. Blogging is a way for me to do that mental exercise. I think I'm fulfilling my professors' admonitions of a minimum number of pages per day.

Well, it also helps because I don't have anyone to just talk to on a daily basis. I am only important in my own life. Everyone else has things to do that don't involve me, so this is my therapy. Lol

So, the book. Knowing that the subject matter was fairly spicy, I bought it in Kindle form and read it on my iPad. The thought that I might get judged if anyone saw it, oh boy. I blush just thinking about it. But understand, I had the same reaction when anyone saw me reading a Harlequin Romance when I was a teenager, too. Lol. I suppose that having a somewhat romantic nature is frowned upon because I'm surrounded by rednecks who never daydream of anything beyond their next six pack.

I don't write book reviews, so forgive me if this is a bit too informal. If you want to know a little about the book without having it ruined for you, here goes.

Anastasia Steele - main character. Oh what a romantic sounding name. The last name is a hint as well. Sweet and innocent, ends up in the spider's parlor as a favor to a sick friend.

Christian Grey- The "spider" is attractive, intelligent, and absolutely magnetic. Throw in obscenely wealthy and driven to succeed, philanthropic, and a controlling person to the utmost.

He has a very dark side and has an alternative lifestyle (whips, chains, etc) that isn't publicly known about. I'm not going into details on that, naughty reader. Ask me directly if you want to know. Yes, it gets "wild" pretty fast, but the book mixes the dangerous element with the romantic, while keeping things safe (physically, though not necessarily emotionally). Feeling safe in the face of potential danger is an important concept.

Lest you think that Grey is just some sadist, there is ... Something more to his story. Aha. So the inner child shows up for a little psychoanalysis and therapy, so to speak. Not literally, of course, though it is definitely in that Playroom of his. Wow. That was impressive.

This is where I have to issue a warning (is it really a warning?) that if you have any deep-seated issues of your own, you might have a hard time seeing this story as mere naughty entertainment. In fact, some of the scenes might feel at once familiar and appropriate to you.

Or maybe you don't know what I mean. ;) Moving on!

There is a lot of sex in this book, and it's not vanilla. (Not going to explain that term.) It's pretty hot and bothered, if you are a strange bird who likes that sort of thing. Hahaha And no, they aren't married. Or engaged. And neither mentions church. Oooohhhh.... Yes, it's really naughty. Perhaps you shouldn't read it if that gives you room for pause.

I enjoy that a British author gets so many of the details correct in an Americanized story, but there were a few very minor details that still sounded upper-class European. They made me giggle, because I think as a whole, Americans definitely lack that innate classiness. ;). We don't say we're going for "a" coffee. It's just coffee.

It is true that we don't make tea correctly. But most of us in the South would rather drink iced tea anyway. :D. Hot tea we don't understand and yes, we do dunk the bag. Lol. I know, it ruins it.

We don't really say "shit" that often. Lol there was something else, equally as insignificant, but I can't remember at the moment.

The story seems like it must be purely the work of the author's imagination, but the details could have been pulled from anyone's life, and it isn't that far fetched. (Oh... Are you squirming?)

Well, except for the romantic parts. ;). I don't believe in romantic love anymore. I've got my reasons. Still, I can always admit when I'm wrong, if I ever am about this.

(That is most definitely NOT an invitation for you to drown me in all the tiresome cutesiness that proves how much someone loves YOU. I meant proving me wrong, personally.) Kindly lay off your "sharing" because it isn't cute to anyone but you and no, I'm not cheering for you. /end rant with a snicker

If I say anymore, I'll give away the plot. So if this that I've mentioned sounds interesting, go ahead and read it. If something disturbed you, back away and forget I mentioned it. ;)

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