Monday, April 30, 2012

Garment I worked on this weekend. :)

I'd say it's a sweater, but it can be worn about ten different ways, so it's better to call it a multi-garment. I want to wear it with butterfly sleeves by this weekend, so I guess I'll see how my plan works out.

Tunisian crochet from a class on - my favorite kind of stitching, actually. I've loved the uniformity of it for decades now.

Wow, that makes me sound old, but if you understand that I started when I was six , I could very well be as young as 26. Ok, I'm not, but at least I don't look old. Yeah, that's right. While everybody else was drinking that purple kool aid I was drinking vampire blood. ;)

I was trying to match the colors of the garment without buying silk, so no, those aren't my color selections. They'll work though, you'll see.

It's already given me some ideas for designs of my own.

I also painted t shirts today. One new one and a refresh on my cobblestones shirt that faded due to a poor paint choice.

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