Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gelato, caffe, e prosciutto ;)

I just happened across several pages linking Venice touring tips and food. Hey, I'm planning to eat while I'm there, so I might as well learn the names of what appeals to me ahead of time, so I don't do my annoying usual indecisive ruminating over the memo.

I have had a true Italian espresso granita (in Philadelphia). And while I was grateful for the opportunity, I think I'd prefer just about any other flavor granita than concentrated coffee. I don't even drink "real" coffee by the cup. Yet. What I drink in the mornings is milk, instant coffee, and sugar free flavor syrup. No water included. I guess I'm a wimp, but I haven't yet learned to enjoy just plain old coffee. Macchiato is just espresso with a drop of milk. Lol. Ok, not that one. Marocchino or cappuccino will be my failsafes. Maybe a correto with Bailey's or Amaretto. Haha. Don't know if I can get away with that though.

Gelato. Mmmm ice cream. Well, very sweet ice milk, more likely. Stay away from the freaky colors and the chain stores. Check. If confused, I can slays fall back on chocolate, strawberry, or cherry.

Prosciutto e melone .... Haven't had that since the cruise, and I seriously loved it then. :). The only ham I really like. I forgot that it was a big Italian thing. Wow, I'm gonna have too much salt in my system at the end of this trip.

I think I need to start learning a little conversational Italian before the trip. Somehow I don't think menu basics will be enough. I'm good with languages, so I think I can handle it The question is, how do I learn this stuff? Phrasebook on Kindle?

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