Thursday, April 5, 2012

Glassy Distortions

They exist
On different planes
Of reality.
One sees the other
Plainly though
A blind eye forever
Is turned their way.
Unbreachable glass
The barrier that splits
One from another.
They see wavy distortions
Each of the other.
One through rosy eyes,
The other through smoky charred despair.
One world is sweet soft-focus,
Clouds of giddiness, tender kisses,
Things wanted,
Things boasted of.
Fluffy drifts of pink spun sugar.
Don't peer into the shadows,
Or they may appear
The lingering wraiths
Of another world
Others deny exists.
Pity that joy
Does not contaminate
Even when poured
Oozing thickly over heads
Down drowning throats
Flooding lungs
Of the denizens
Of the murky shadows.

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