Thursday, April 12, 2012

Handmade by me

And all made with recycled t-shirts. :). The sandals, of course, utilize manufactured flip flop soles. I'd have recycled them, but I didn't own any. I hate flip flops because that hard plastic or leather thong hurts between my toes. So I bought them and cut out the hateful hard plastic pieces. (Pinterest has the instructions. )

The rag rug was made from several different t-shirts that I turned into thick yarn. :). One was donated by a student, a couple were my own worn out blood donor shirts, and the rest I bought from the Union Mission Thrift Store for $1 each. Technically, I recycled them. They just weren't free to me. Lol But that's okay. They were donated to the Mission, after all.

I've been thinking about making some more rugs for sale. The first one was donated for a fundraiser, where It fetched the glorious sum of $12 for more than 5 days' work. :). No, I won't be selling any others that low. They'll be closer to $75, which is the usual price of a handmade rug around here.

Maybe I'll just post them on Facebook for a while and see what happens. A booth in the local craft mall would cost $80 a month, and I'm not sure I can make or sell enough at this point to spend that kind of money on a booth rental.

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