Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I dont feel a thing (Just forget the darn apostrophes!)

To be more precise, I don't feel a bit... Different than I have since Thursday. I've been trying to explain that my "drunkenness" isn't due to any substance at all. I guess it would make more sense if I just called it dizziness and vertigo.

Vertigo because everything is tilting beneath me and dizziness because I'm just not breathing as much as I do when I don't feel like I'm in the twilight zone. A couple of times a minute, pretty much. Maybe lack of oxygen is what's making my toes purple too.

Did that make more sense, I hope?

I've had a couple of the jello shots, after a text conversation earlier today with a friend whose responses seemed tinged with disapproval.

No, I really don't drink through the week, and it's rare that I drink on the weekends, much to the disapproval of those who would like to laugh at me in their own usual condition. That's why two beers put me under the table. I'm eating jello. ;) Not drinking. Lol

And I don't intend to develop a better tolerance for it either, so stop trying to get me to drink.

Look, I'm sorry that I don't provide the kind of entertainment you were hoping for, and I apologize for being quiet and keeping to myself, if that makes you happy. Do I mean it? Heck no. I'm not going to alter my personality on your whim. I'm not a dancing monkey, even if I do tend to move like one.

My day was like swimming through molasses, if you want to know. I tuned out a lot. I wish I could have tuned everything out.

I think I'm too dizzy to drive to a ball game tonight. Last night I was asleep by this time, and I slept through the game, though I didn't intend to.

Another teacher has hired me to make her some of my cotton facecloths. The price I gave her didn't cone close to minimum wage for my work, but who would want to pay $5 or more for a handmade facecloth anyway? It's what the market will bear.

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