Monday, April 23, 2012

Italian Lessons

Started my Italian lessons tonight via a few iPad apps. Oh shut up. ;).

Remember, I did great in Spanish and a lot of the vocabulary I've seen so far is very similar. Still, they are not the same language, and here we go again with the trilled r, whatever it may be called in Italian. Lol

My goal is not to speak like a native, but to understand some of what I hear and maybe be able to respond as well. I just hate not having a clue what is being said around me.

There have been a few times when folks were speaking Spanish around me and I absolutely pretended not to understand them. Once it was a couple of guys being um, very complimentary of my physical traits. I thanked them politely for their observations and then laughed to myself as I walked away and they kind of choked on their embarrassment.

Yeah, knowing another language can be very useful at times. I will say this: the better your vocabulary in English, the easier it is to make connections with foreign words and phrases. Right now we have il fronte freddo di aria blowing through. (A cold front - tear the phrase apart and you'll see what I mean.)

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