Thursday, April 26, 2012

Journey of an Earring

Yesterday morning I woke up missing an earring. A few months ago I repierced my stubborn right earlobe because it keeps healing up when I'd like it to remain pierced.

I bought some sterling silver studs with CZs in them with the intention of keeping them in all of the time. Silver seems to be the only metal that doesn't cause me dermatitis.

Hooray, I'm not a werewolf, despite the nightmare that caused this minor fiasco.

Yesterday, one earring was missing. I woke up after a dream that I was transforming into a werewolf, yet again. :) I hate those dreams. It's really painful. I remember tearing at the fur on my face and then I woke up.

I couldn't find the earring. Pretty expensive, too. At this point, no regret for not buying actual diamonds.

Today at work, I reached down into a tote I rarely being to work, looking for my cell phone belt clip. I heard a rattle as I picked it up.

My missing earring. Wow. Weird?

How did it get in that bag, brought to work, and still have that earring lying on top of a slippery plastic piece that got tossed around in that bag and in my car? It was really jostled.

And I found my expensive fake diamond earring. :)

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