Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kindle-ing my own books

Did you know that you can do that? Ive been raving over my CamScanner software for weeks now, because I can "scan" pages with my iPhone or iPad and then print them in color immediately at work. Then I started making my own multiple page PDFs with it -- very handy! Now I've discovered that I can send my documents to my Kindle app, as "books".

Piece of cake to get them in there, or store them in an online file storage site.

Now here's the cool part: I can take my favorite book sections and magazine sections and put them together as Kindle books, instead of lugging then whole darn craft book around when all I wanted was that pattern. Same with my cookbooks. Sometimes you want only that one recipe from a cookbook, and then you could just store it out of the way, for all practical purposes.

More books and patterns are gradually being "Kindled" but generally not the out of print ones. I don't intend to share them online, but its nice to carry a whole library of books on my little iPhone.

Gee, I feel like Hermione Granger with that deceptively tiny handbag full of duffel bags of clothes, tents, and books. Lol

There's just one thing I need help with though: I need some kind of flat piece of very clear glass, to press pages flat while I make the scans, but without a shiny surface to glare back in my photos. Plexiglass?

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