Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mesh Market bags

Some of the ones I've made. :). They hold an insane amount of stuff!

I realized as I was making them that I could make them as big as I wanted but it's foolish to do so for a very good reason.

You should never put more weight into a bag than you can easily carry. Ouch. The bag did fine; I was less than fine. ;). The checker at the grocery store was awestruck, though she was obviously a plastic bag pusher.

The beige ones are a heavier gauge thread than the colorful ones I make. They look more substantial but the small-gauge thread ones are just as tough. I bought the beige thread. All of the colorful bags I have made so far were from my mother's stash.

As I've said before, I was really torn over what to do with it. I couldn't just throw useful thread away. I couldn't keep storing it for some phantom project that I probably wouldn't have enough thread of the right color for. So I made the shopping bags.

I've been working on a couple of original designs intended to make my luggage more efficient on my Italy trip. One is a bottle bag, and it is finished. It will double as a seat back organizer on the plane. When I'm not using it, it can be squashed into a bundle small enoug to conceal in the palm of my hand. It is substantial enough to easily hold a half-gallon milk jug, full. (I tested it.)

The other design is still in the thinking stages.

What I like most about this style of bag, especially in the smallest thread, is that they squash down when empty and take up only tiny amounts of space, while being nearly weightless.

When I look at one of these bags, I remember my mom working with this kind of thread, and I remember the tablecloth she made me when I was 12. I wish I knew where it went, but I have my suspicions.

I did offer some bags to my sister but she refused, saying that she couldn't imagine what she might possibly use one for. ;). Shopping, perhaps? LOL Beach bag, maybe? Laundry bag for the back of your door? Impressing people with your apparent desire to not pollute the planet while simultaneously wasting fossil fuels?
Trying to look a little European? ;)

Nah, you're right. Who needs a bag that last longer than a single use, anyway?

Me. :). Besides, I think they're pretty. :)

I've been watching Lost again and thinking, doesn't ANYbody know how to make a fishing net? Take a stick, carve the end into a hook, twist grasses or palm fronds into twine, and crochet a fishing net. Or you can wait around on the old guy to take down feral pig Lol

Me? I'd make some fishing nets, a canopy to weave leaves through and keep the sun off, maybe a sun hat, some mats to sleep on, probably a hammock to sleep. A few bags for carrying wood and other things. Maybe some fans to help keep cool. A cute little thong for Sawyer. Ooh sorry, that was just for me. LOL.

Oh that's right. Crochet is old-fashioned and only used for making useless pretty table doilies. Ha ha.

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