Sunday, April 22, 2012

Migraine Remedy

Tomorrow I have to be at work early to prepare for administering the big bad test of the year. My task is to read the entire damn thing aloud, over the course of four days.

And I have a migraine. Mine often last for days.

It might be coincidence, but I had dinner with my family today and they of course, smoked the entire time. I don't smoke. It disgusts me. And I think it probably causes me to have headaches.

Hey ho, it's time to go.

It's nearly 11 pm and I am trying to get myself into bed. I'd like to kill this migraine first though. Maybe something I do tonight will help.

What I've done so far / plan to do:

Took a sinus pill, in case it was a sinus problem. Didn't work.

Drank a Pepsi, because sometimes a little caffeine loosens the bite in the pain.

Before I lie down I'm going to take a hydrocodone (neck surgery leftover).

Next up is a shower with a body polish, using Bath & Body Works Tranquil Mint body wash (pour a few tablespoons into 1/2 cup or so of sugar, mix, and you've got your polishing scrub. Ain't I clever?)

No thanks to B&BW for discontinuing that aromatherapy fragrance which just happens to be the only one that helps me with migraines. But I think just might have a copy by now. When I run out, I'll give it a try.

After the shower I'll spritz my pillow with Tranquil Mint pillow mist. Then I'll pack my head in ice and try to sleep.

I also didn't turn the heat back on in the house though we've taken a dip back into a chilly blackberry winter. It's spring, darn it.

Springtime in Tennessee means I should be sweating outside by now, not shivering and wishing I had some warm hunky guy to snuggle with.

Hopefully, by morning I will have had some restful dreams and lost the migraine.

I'm going to wash my hair tonight so that in the morning I only have to get it wet. Yes, I'm one of those people who washes their hair every day, and I don't understand the people who only wash theirs once a week. Ick. Maybe I just enjoy silky soft clean hair more than the other people.

Almost forgot the music. Loreena Mckennitt's The Mask and Mirror. Could just be mind over matter but if it works, I don't mind and it doesn't matter. ;)

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