Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not another plane crash dream...

Last night I dreamed that I was on my upcoming puddlejumper flight to Miami (3 seats across) and the darn plane crashed. I'm have to absolutely blame the pilot because she was flying so darn low that we were over a highway, and close enough to the cars to touch them.

I was not wearing my seatbelt (which was more like a shoulder harness...) I suppose something I've been reading lately put that in there. In the story it's a helicopter rig, and the description made me so claustrophobic that I pulled it into my dream. Fifty Shades Darker... I read about the helicopter going down last night, and my subconscious subsequently decided to have a little nocturnal fun with me.

I think it's funny that in some situations with seatbelts I can't stand to be completely immobilized, yet riding the Mr. Freeze coaster at Six Flags kinda bothers me too, and there is NO shoulder bar, though it goes upside down forwards and back and does an unnerving hover nose-up for several seconds. So those toe-holds absolutely own me for the duration of the ride. Lol

So I'm still claustrophobic. Argh.

In my dream, one of the plane's engines started sputtering, choking, and then died, which caused the crash. It was more of a rip-off-the-landing-gear and bounce around on the belly of the plane until friction and a collision with a big rock stops forward motion kind of thing. Oh, you're not familiar with this scenario?

I'm not afraid of flying. I'm afraid of being trapped in a too-tight space against my will for several hours. I don't think that's irrational. Those little planes are cute and charming, but I just don't believe they offer as much protection in a crash as a bigger one. I need elbow and toe-wiggle room.

Of course nobody was hurt in the crash. But don't let anyone tell you you can't survive dying in a dream. I've died in my dreams so many times I can't recall all the ways I was murdered. It sucks having to lie there dead and messed up until the dream ends and you wake up feeling like you really were physically harmed while you were asleep.

It's just the product of a very creative imagination. No worries. But I'll probably be plagued by bad dreams all summer before my trip.

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