Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chest Pains and Charity

Now that it's nearly nine and half the men in my family have gone home, I guess I am free to find some dinner. Haven't eaten since 11 and that was maybe 3/4 cup of food.

The cafeteria offerings didn't thrill me.

Of course now I'm having some inexplicable chest pain, right under my sternum. No, not heartburn. I'm very familiar with that. This is new and gets worse when I inhale. Likely something temporary and nothing to worry about though it does hurt for now.

The items I made and donated to our fundraiser auction did sell today. The baby blanket for $15 (took a week to make it, lol, a few cents per hour is apparently the value of my time), the rug for $12, and I'm not sure about the cotton facecloths. Seems like they were well received, anyway. I hope they are enjoyed. :). And I think I will make some more to give as gifts, since I have the yarn and I want to use it up.

The bottom line is that I made those things and donated them for a good cause. It was a charity fundraiser. So it's ok.

I just hope nobody asks me to make them some of those thing for that cost. It didn't cover materials, let alone time, haha. Again, I did it for the charity. :)

I don't mean that as a complaint. I've had lots of people ask me why I don't make up a bunch of things to sell. Most of them would choke on the prices I'd have to charge. Here's why:

1. Materials don't materialize out of thin air. :). I have to pay retail price for them, and sometimes you have to add the cost of gas to drive 45 minutes to maybe find them, and THEN you have to add the higher online prices plus shipping.

2. What I do is NOT unskilled, sloppy labor. I have 35 years of experience. My stitches are even and neat. :). And I crochet flipping FAST. Can you do it at my skill level? :).

3. Do you have decades of experience and training in your field, and work happily for minimum wage? Nah, I don't like that idea either. Yet people freak when I calculate my labor costs at just $5 an hour. Lol. If you want a $20 blanket, go to Wal-Mart. If you want a beautiful handmade blanket that took me several hours a day for a month to make, you're going to pay more than $20. :).

Or possibly a counter proposal. If you want my work at yard sale prices, all you have to do is wait until I'm dead and my family dumps my unwanted stuff into a yard sale. :D

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