Saturday, April 7, 2012

Repo Man

Yesterday my next door neighbor had a car repossessed. Because they couldn't get their tow truck easily to the back of the car, the jerk decided to go though MY yard to do it.

Ask permission? No. Any care that the previous day there had been lots of rain and the ground was soft? No. So I stood in my carport and glared till he came over and asked if it was ok. I explained my concern that he was tearing up my yard (and he was) and he said he'd send "someone" in a few days to repair the damage. Liar.

I'm supposed to just let him do what he wants to my property and it's all ok because my neighbor didn't pay their bill. He expected me to sympathize with him. Like I care? My neighbor doesn't even speak to me and doesn't stop her many druggie party guests from driving through my yard to park in hers. They block my driveway. I don't want them or their lifestyle next to me either.

Then the repo man wanted me to hold onto their stuff from the car because he didn't want to be held responsible for leaving it on the steps and getting stolen. Oh, so NOW I can be responsible? "Here, hold this bag of 'stuff' for me while I make a clean getaway." No telling what illegal substances were in that "stuff".

No, I don't feel like being arrested for possession, stealing stuff that wasn't there in the first place, or being used as yet another person's storage shed. They would probably get mad that I didn't stop him from taking the car.

You want to get the money for repo-ing cars? Then do ALL of your own dirty work. Figure out what to do and let it all be on YOU.

Aww, smoking pot doesn't hurt anybody, so they say... But when you spend your money on weed instead of your car payment, I'd say somebody is getting taken advantage of. Don't bother breaking into my car again looking for cash and valuables to support your habit. You still won't find anything.

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