Monday, April 16, 2012

Running the Luge

I have no idea why, last night, I had a very vivid dream about participating in one of my favorite Olympic sports. Sort of participating. It seems I combined some details into a new activity.

The luge. Weird, eh? Oh, it was exciting, I'll tell you that. Fun, too. I guess I still have that love for dangerous speed.

Only my imagination combined real ice lugeing with street lugeing. I was in a mountain town that had ice tracks (channels?) set up in the streets, sort of like a waterslide. No sleds, just run, jump in, lie back and keep your feet crossed at the ankles unless you were braking. And feel the shredded ice fluttering up into your face as it was scraped loose by your feet. It was like a shower of snowflakes.

It was a cold but colorful dream. The trees overhanging the city streets with snow-covered branches were very green. The buildings were red brick. And the sun was a bright yellow which I remember because I couldn't find any sunglasses, and that hurt my eyes as badly as it ever does. Yeah, I've had brightness issues since my eye surgery.

Still, I remember that it was so much fun I was laughing while I was flying down the tracks.

I was actually laughing in my sleep, because it woke me up when I heard it. :).

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