Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Judging by the red mark on my forehead this morning (my brother said it resembles a dent), the two hours of sleep I managed to get last night between 4 and 6 am contained a round of sleepwalking. It wasn't there when I went to bed and it doesn't bear any resemblance to a scratch from my dog. It looks almost like I burned myself with the curling iron. No recollection of that happening, either.

I took melatonin to make myself drowsy sometime around two am, but this time it didn't work, boo. I remember being a bit flustered at 4 am that I couldnt go to sleep. I'd already played my favorite thunderstorm recording and was wide awake for the ending of it 45 minutes later.

Oh well, it happens when you are as undisciplined about sleeping as I've become lately. I can be totally juiced on caffeine in the afternoon and still fall asleep without warning if I get too still once I get home. I just can't get my schedule together lately. Too much on my mind most of the time, and if I get too distracted / inspired by some creative pursuit, forget sleeping until Friday afternoon when I crash.

Yeah, I'm really living the life. Lol.

At least there are no speaking witnesses who have heard me talking in my sleep. Some secrets are still my own and can't be spread around by untrustworthy people for the sake of entertaining theirs pals. (It's a sore spot that the most untrustworthy people will turn it around and never confide in you because they claim they can't trust you. Fifty shades of stupid, right there. I'm not one to tell secrets not mine to share.)

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