Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tonsil Torture

Okay, wait for it....

For years my dad threatened that the next time my sister or I got tonsillitis, we were both going into the hospital to have our tonsils removed. It never happened, and I've still got mine. Right now, I wish I didn't.

I've got a piece of water chestnut stuck behind the right one and no amount of coughing, water, popcorn, or even reaching back with my finger will dislodge it. And I can feel it. Eew.

So this is what I get for trying to eat a healthy vegetarian lunch. O.o It figures!!

Yeah, I know this is the perfect opportunity to make a bunch of dirty jokes about how to remedy the situation. Lol. Actually...

Hey! Don't you dare!! :P

* ****

I did try my father's cure-all salt water gargling. As I thought, I couldn't get the water behind my tonsils without swallowing it and then trying to make it come back out. Yuck. I hate barfing.

It didn't work, anyway. :). Still stuck back there.

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