Friday, April 27, 2012

Unhappiness Theory

I see so many crowing that you make your own happiness and by golly, they demand theirs, and that is why they will do whatever they want in pursuit of their own happiness, even if it hurts someone else. After all, what they want is important to them and all the little people they step on.

And then they turn and blame their unhappiness on the town they were living in. It's contaminated. Poisonous. Everyone in the town except for them is an a****** or whatever. They, however, are the enlightened one in a town of pathetic losers.


Get that? Own your happiness yet blame anyone but yourself for your unhappiness. Never accept responsibility. Lol

I believe we cause our own unhappiness but nobody wants to admit where they went wrong: greed, laziness, possessiveness, control freakiness, deviance, and lustfulness (that leads a person to feel justified in trying to steal someone else's loved one -- hey, I was going to say sluttiness). All the excuses people make for doing what they know is wrong, so that when it brings a heaping helping of unhappiness squarely upon their heads they can claim it want their fault because they're addicted to... What? Cigarettes? Gambling? Drugs? Sex? Shopping? Eating?

I've got a novel idea for those folks who just "can't help it".

Just stop. Put it down and back away. That goes a long way toward owning your happiness.

Of course, some might require professional help, and a big serving of admitting that they CHOSE to get it started in the first place. Then they have to be willing to sacrifice and suffer to break free of the problem they chose to accept in the first place.

Happiness and unhappiness come from the same place: within us.

When they are out of balance, I've noticed that I can't remember what it was like to truly feel the other. It's like tunnel vision that blocks the memories of happy times when a major depressive episode is in full swing. I've described it before as the feeling of being at the bottom of a well. You have to just have faith that the daylight world is still up there somewhere, though you can't get to it. Trust your memory and hope that the light is still waiting for you.

Yay for you is you have made yourself happy, or even better, if you have made someone else truly happy. But don't forget where unhappiness comes from....

... Inside of you, and inside of me.

I'll be the first one to whine about my own helplessness, of course, when I am blindingly unhappy. I'm no better than anyone else. As the song said, "I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does.".

Sometimes I really need somebody to give me a hug, yet there is no one to give me that simple hug.

I hate it, but there it is.

Still, I can't use any of that as an excuse to become addicted to anything. Well, maybe sleep, ;) but that's a matter of physiology anyway. Biological self-defense. When the going gets tough, my brain says its mini-coma time.

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