Sunday, April 29, 2012

YES, I'm a woman

I realize that I've been dressing like a coach at work for a while. There are good reasons for it.

I don't like shopping for clothes. It always disappoints me and usually hurts my feelings that I can afford nice clothes and they never fit well enough to look good on me. (No, I'm not large, but my pelvis was a obviously designed for having lots of babies and that presents a fitting challenge.)

I'm often having to crawl under tables in my classroom, and that room is a dust magnet. Pants are practical.

Besides, I have discovered that I don't like agonizing over wardrobe every single day. Matching tops to bottoms and then shoes... Too much deciding, too much thinking, too much clutter! I like having simple choices to make in clothes.

Not much spectacular clothing to wear around here anyway. I'll admit that my clothing preferences run to something I'd call a bohemian costume. Lol. I like long skirts I can twirl in. Lots of color, but easy to take care of. I guess I was a gypsy in a previous life, but nothing points to family in my genealogy research. I wouldn't mind it. :)

Hmm. If I can ever trace that ONE stubborn branch back to Ireland... The Hensleys are hiding. Have been for 20 years now. I WILL find them.

If it was an easy thing to do, you would see me dressed in fluffy florals all the time, totally feminine. Girly girl. Maybe even girly punk. Lol.

Broomstick skirts have come back, at least locally, and they were always a favorite for me. So last week when I wore skirts to work twice, the response was almost incredulous! Lots of flattering comments, but some people acted absolutely shocked to see me in a skirt.

Okay, this is a worry of mine. I worry that people see me without a boyfriend and they wrongly assume I prefer women. Egad, NO, I'm absolutely straight.

So it's like I rocked several people's assumptions that I'm a lesbian when they saw me dressed all girly. Day-um, people. I only like MEN. Just because I've had such rotten luck with men and I'm therefore very hesitant to even try again, I haven't switched teams. Eww. I don't even understand it, personally.

Nothing at all against gay people. Several very good friends are, you see, and their orientation doesn't have any bearing on our friendship. Not like the straight ones who shun me because I'm single, apparently because they think I want their man.

Again, eww, I'm glad you're happy, but I don't see what you like about your man, because he doesn't appeal to me. Your honey is safe from me, anyway. Always will be.

Another thing about wearing dresses... I detest being cold. I really can't stand it. So if there is a chance of getting cold, I'm not going to bare my legs. :)

Gimme a long, fluffy, swirly skirt and some boots and I'm happy. ;). Oh. Yeah. I guess that should include some kind of blouse, too. Lol. Or else we have a repeat of my dream last night -- running late for my flight because I suddenly realized I was topless in the airport and I had to dig around in my carryon for a hoodie. Lol

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