Sunday, May 6, 2012

1st Training Run Complete

Now I'm sitting here waiting on the sweat to stop oozing out of my pores, then ill have a shower. Yeah, oozing. Thick, sticky sweat. Eww.

For an "easy" run, I sure don't feel like I did very well. On the other hand, it is 90 degrees out there. I may have to stick to evening runs after all. I felt like vomiting halfway through.

I did a drive through of my neighborhood and discovered a lot of sidewalks in disrepair. It's a shame that out town lets the residents here know they don't care about the state of the streets in THIS neighborhood.

No, they don't have to say it -- the complete lack of repairs for the public works department's responsibilities here tells the tale. I feel lucky when they actually do pick up garbage once a week here, since I'm already paying for it trash stays strewn about covering sidewalks for weeks at a time.

How do you expect anyone to have any pride of place when you drop your end of the bargain? My property taxes go up every year without fail, yet I don't get the same city services that others in wealthy neighborhoods get. No wonder it looks like a slum. Even the city won't do their part.

I will say this about the run: I feel beaten. I feel like I didn't conquer this base run. I hope I get better soon. This is embarrassing. :). But my face is nicely flushed, so I guess that's a good sign.

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