Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Accidental 5K Run

I was on day 2 of my 8 week 5k training program when my phone rang and killed my music and both of my running apps. The call was to remind me that I had my nephew was having another ball game tonight and he wanted me to go.

I didn't react well, I'm afraid. I almost cried when I realized what had happened. I sat down for about five minutes to straighten out all of the problems and start over. Then that is exactly what I did -- start over from the beginning. Somewhere in the middle of my second try, Runkeeper announced that I had already gone 2.5 miles - not far from a full 5k.

So I stuck it out and finished the training program for a second try and the result was that I not only (walked and ) ran a full 5k today, but I knocked 2 1/2 minutes off my previous time. If I take out the five minutes I was sitting and feeling rather angry and pouty, I actually knocked a full 7 1/2 minutes off my time.

What does this tell me?

Well, I accidentally accomplished a goal I hadn't expected to until midsummer - taking two minutes off time. Can I say well done if it was an accident?

I started getting control over my breathing again. Halfway through, and I was suffering.

I can do this. 5k isn't really as far as it sounds with a little bit of practice.

I caught myself trying to run on my toes and stopped it.

Running at sunset was a lot more pleasant than at 4 pm.

My shin splints are back. Right now I wish I was at home with ice packs on my shins.

I survived today, so these training runs should start getting a little easier. I hope. Please?

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