Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adam Ant Acting Roles :D

All comments aside about the crummy roles he got and what you think of the acting he was limited to (I say he was great at it, but he really never got much of an opportunity to flex his muscles), here are a few places you can see his acting, as well as my complimentary thoughts on his work.

You know I'm not going to slam HIM, right? No matter what you think? He was fine. Well, he's still damn fine, just no on-screen acting anymore. On-stage acting, oh yeah. Lol

I do not presume to know the man, so though I'm calling him by his first name, you have to understand that saying Mr. Ant just doesn't work for me. I laugh at the thought. More like silly giggling. I'm sorry. I just can't go there. Lol

So don't get the impression I'm one of those stalker types who would accost him at a show pretending we know each other. Eek.

I've had two stalkers in my own life. Mine weren't that psycho, and I managed to stop them. But they were suffocating and creepy. I can see how either of them getting any more personal would drive me over the edge. The recent one was pushing me slowly but surely toward it, and I felt like a prisoner in my own home.

I believe that's when my agoraphobia kicked me in the head and started the almost-hostile takeover of my life. Fear of seeing the man on his several-times-daily slow walk past my house, stopping and staring, while his dog defecated in my yard and he didn't even bother cleaning it up. Sending me emails.

Commenting on 60 of my Facebook photos in under 45 minutes. Just random comments to show that he had been there. Becoming Facebook friends with my family so he could STILL keep spying on me online. Stopping by my house and asking me to give him my personal information so he could register me to vote for him.

Telling me about how he used to stalk my grandmother and my father too. Yeah, he has priors for stalking. eww. I get it about stalkers messing up your well-being. I am not one of those.

I'm afraid to post the YouTube links for fear the videos may get taken down, so be gentle. I still want to see them. :)

Tales From the Crypt "Maniac at Large". Aww. Wearing his glasses! (YouTube)

(Maybe they're his? Fellow myopics notice things like the refraction through the glasses at the side of his face. Pretty sure costume glasses don't bother with anything other than clear lenses. His look like they are for real. ) I feel your pain, Adam, I do. I'm absolutely horrified to be seen wearing my own glasses. Plus, they give me migraines. Good excuse to stay with my contacts.

Spellcaster (Netflix) Oh, what a cheesy movie. Adam played his part just fine. They just didn't allow him enough screen time to develop any menace for his character. I fast forward through the movie to the shots of his hands and then in to the only full scenes of him toward the end. So sue me. I'm still a silly schoolgirl in my heart.

Amazing Stories (Netflix) - "Such Interesting Neighbors" He was one of the weird neighbors. Awesome costuming. Not a lot to be done in an under-30 minute episode, but he made the part believable and touching.

Nomads (Netflix) - I watched this Pierce Brosnan movie all the way through, aware they had cut several scenes Adam was in.

The movie annoyed me. It felt... Disjointed and panicky, though that was probably the point. Second time I watched it, I fast forwarded again to Adam's parts. (Oh that sounds wrong!) Note: He really did get bashed in the head and was really bleeding. It was a rubber prop with a steel bar inside, and the metal tore loose from the sheathing. He played the creepy guy well. Had me riveted. :D I wanted more.

Love Bites / The Reluctant Vampire - currently only on iTunes. But who knows for how long? I bought it. Lol. And I'm taking it to Italy on my iPhone.

Vampires, Adam Ant... Well, that's me all over, so naturally, I had to absorb it. Yeah, total squee situation. I'm still a silly girl somewhere in here.

He did a great job in this movie. Hey, I'd let him bite me whenever he wanted. Lol I'd call that "adorable menace". This is a man who has always known how to work his facial expressions. ;). Fortunately, he got the close ups in this movie to actually show them. He's a great heartbroken vampire. :). And wait till you see him turn into a bat!

I'll update as I see more of his acting. It wasn't until recently that I was able to even find any of his acting to watch. I'd been looking for any recording of Love Bites ever since I heard he was making the movie. 1993, I believe that was. * sigh*

I've always loved the song "Mirror Man" by Human League. I think I put together a storyline for the video in my own head. Something rather tragic, naturally. Last week I read that the song was about Adam Ant and all the press crap he has had to put up with. I think that's absolutely awesome. :)

I guess I'm quite the late bloomer at a lot of things in my life. It's a good thing I don't really look my age. Yet.

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