Monday, May 21, 2012

Birdie in the Wall

Birdie in the wall, why dost thou torment me so?

For the last three days, a bird has been trapped in my living room wall. They pried up the siding on the outside and thought they had a prime nesting site.

And then someone fell in.

Someone who has been squeakily and frantically scrabbling behind the drywall, presumably to gain purchase inside the wall and climb back out to freedom.

It happens every spring.

Every spring.

It is a seriously disturbing sound when you know what is happening inside the wall and can't do anything to help the poor creature.

Sooner or later there will be enough bird bones filling the inside of the wall that there won't be a dangerous hollow to fall into anymore.

I wish here was something that I could do to help that poor bird. As much as I know it is suffering and desperate, it is upsetting me every time I hear the claws scratching loudly inside the wall.

I've had the opening closed up before, but the birds always find a way back in... their eventual deaths, protracted as they are.

I know it's horrible of me but I keep wishing for the bird to either manage the climb back out or to go on and die. :(

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