Thursday, May 10, 2012

Does the brain know?

Today my shin splints got a bit worse. I made the mistake of squatting at work and the pain made me yelp. Oops, that's what I get for running on concrete, I suppose, and for not doing my toe presses lately on the leg press machine to keep my illiotibial area strong.

Anyway, I've had them before, and this is a minor case of them. Everything tells me total rest is the best thing, so I decided not to do anything to tax them tonight. Hopefully I'll get some healing done and can run the 5k on Saturday, but that is contingent upon waking up with zero pain or soreness. Shin splints only get worse if I ignore them and they knocked me out of training for about a week last summer while they healed. I did the toe presses up until November, and had no trouble running that 5k.

I came home today with the intention of sitting on the bed all afternoon icing my shins on and off, resting. What actually happened was that I pretty much passed out at 4, and other than a few groggy sleep texts in the middle, slept really hard until just a few minutes ago. 6 hours. Even left my poor doggie feeling abandoned on the steps outside all of that time.

I'm still sleepy and my eyes are watering like crazy. Lol I suppose I still need more rest.

I'm wondering of my brain knows how much extra sleep will be required to heal this problem and implemented that today. Can I trust it for the for the correct sleep dosage?

A scene from the movie "Tin Cup" keeps coming to mind. Romeo takes a drink in honor of his friend who has just passed out on the floor and says. "Here's to the finely tuned athlete on the verge of greatness!". Well, I haven't been drinking, but I do feel like I passed out on the floor because I can't take it anymore. Lol

Make no mistake -- I DO want to become a runner. I'm just off to a rather rickety start because of my age and condition.

I want to run because one of the track coaches told me I can't. Yeah? Bite me, dude. I CAN do it, and just because you do, that doesn't make you special. It's plain old animal skill to be able to run.

I want to run because I wasn't allowed to in high school when I could still run fast and I was told it wasn't ladylike and nobody was going to take me shopping for a sports bra to help me run. (That was a matter of someone being too lazy to make more than one trip in a school day to pick me up after track practice. Yeah, nice parenting there, lady. I should have walked home from school those days and done it anyway.) I probably could have gotten an athletic scholarship if I hadn't been kneecapped there.

I want to run because I used to enjoy it so much. I felt free and alive when I ran. :). Of course, I'm still free and alive, and when I survive running with no injuries, I feel fabulous with a nice cardio boost.

And you know, cardio is important if you're going to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of zombies, my zombie virus water bottle has been getting a lot of laughs and a few actual gazes of wonder. I think some folk believe that a. I would drink zombie virus when I'm pretty much already a zombie, b. zombie virus actually exists , c. I couldn't possibly be demonstrating that have a great sense of humor, and d. My sense of humor is pretty twisted, though it is never malicious.

I've been listening to "Living Dead Girl" and "Dragula" by Rob Zombie while I've been running, and they help keep me moving - because I feel like the walking dead sometimes when I start my training runs. They pair right up with "Don't Fear the Reaper," which always taunts me on my shuffled playlist. *sigh*.

A friend introduced me to those but I have to chuckle over his comment that he likes to listen to them.... Uh, in bed. Lol. Hey, I can see how that could work. I just don't have anybody to test it out with. My body tries to convince me to be a tramp, but my brain and heart are keeping me locked in an ivory tower.

By the way, all that is in that Zombie Virus bottle of mine is water and MiO Lol. I wonder how many strange stares I will get when I can hit the gym again. Hey, maybe a guy will actually SPEAK to me there. Yeah, right. Lol

I've only experienced an endorphin rush once as an adult, but I'm hoping it might happen again. It's more of an endorphin "gentle mist" that spreads out over the course of the evening after my workout, but on the one occasion it happened, it was like a bucket of cool water was poured over my head. I got my second wind and felt like I could keep running for another hour. All of my pain vanished.

Those naughty endorphins have been totally missing from my life for a very long time, so it's nice to realize they are still here, albeit relatively dormant. I didn't feel exactly "high" with them -- just a little better able to handle the strain of my workout.

Maybe if I keep working at it I can eventually get them going in a predictable pattern? I guess I'll see.

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