Sunday, May 13, 2012

Excess Makeup and Masquerades

If you have to come up with an organization system for your makeup, you wear too much makeup. I see lots of creative systems on Pinterest for storing 20 eyeshadow sets and 15 blushes and 12 foundations and 75 nail polishes...

Oh my goodness!!!! Does anyone really need that much??? I mean, multiple palettes of color in every shade of the rainbow? I haven't understood that since I was a teenager.

Here is where I stand, and perhaps I do err on the side of boring rather than flash and pizazz:

I believe that makeup should be used to accentuate your natural beauty, not make you look like a stranger every day. Too much makeup makes people stare. We aren't all beautiful barefaced. I have to have a little eyeliner and lip color myself or I feel like Medusa. If you wear tons of makeup and you're not onstage, you seem insecure to me.

In the spirit of Coco Chanel - wear too much and people notice your makeup. Wear just enough and they notice the woman and see her as lovely. It's just an accent, like elegant jewelry. I'm guilty of overdoing it at times myself, but it got me no extra attention that I know of. Lol

I've heard stories of the morning after a wedding night, when the new husband discovers his bride looks unrecognizable without her makeup. Wow, what a letdown.

But there is always that love thing to fall back on, I guess. In the absence of empirical evidence, I have to plead personal ignorance on that. I'm still waiting to see if love is a matter of faith that has just been out of my reach or if it is a bunch of baloney created by delusional hormonal people. I was born under Cupid's eye; maybe he decided that he wouldn't insult me with his further machinations.

I have had one serious prayer answered by God. I asked for that painful longing for love to be taken away from me, if I wasn't ever going to have it anyway. It wasn't instant, but a fading away. Maybe I just cursed myself. Perhaps I was already cursed and I knew it all along, but I was wearing the mask of the believer all along. My costuming skills improved as I got older. *grin*

I do believe that love isn't what we always wish it to be. Books, movies, music -- they raise our expectations excessively. Perhaps love is simply a matter of comfort. That's a lot easier to find, anyway. :)

I wear the mask, it does not wear me! (The Man in the Iron Mask). I love masks. I have made some beautiful ones myself :) I had a real fascination for New Orleans and Mardi Gras once upon a time. I'm excited about going to Venice in a few weeks, and while I may not come home with an assortment of Carnivale masks and costumes, I hope to have a photo collection to inspire me.

I love dressing up too, especially in masquerade-type attire. :). Halloween is my favorite holiday, absolutely. But if you look like you are uncomfortable in your outfit, rather than it being a natural extension of your personality... Well, you look like a person in an ill-fitting cheap costume instead of a fantastic persona.

I've got one eyeshadow box, one blusher, one mascara, one foundation, and two eyeliners. (Okay, I usually only wear one.). It's rare I bother with anything else. On the plus side, I can put on my makeup in five minutes if I have to, and packing for travel is no longer an anxious matter. No decisions to make there. Ha ha.

Yesterday I couldn't find my bag of makeup (it was on the couch, not the coffee shop where I unloaded my bags on Friday) but since I don't wear that much anyway, all I had to do was find the replacements sitting in my drawer. Easy. :).

Well, I like the simplicity of it, anyway. :). But I'm are that lots of other people enjoy drama. I just like things calm, myself. Take that as you will.

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