Tuesday, May 15, 2012

F for Frustration

I woke up on my bed sometime around 2 am, aware that I'd fallen asleep fully dressed (ouch, underwires, need I say more?), lights on, contacts in. On a hunch, I checked the milk -yep, frozen in a gallon-sized chunk. I set it out hoping it would be usable by 7.

At 6, I awoke again, and this time I got up, let the dog out, got my coffee going, took my contacts out, and lay back down. I'd just had a very angry dream starring two students in my last class of the day, being so obnoxious I just sent them to the office. Why do I have to have them bothering me even in my sleep? Why???

I got up for good at 7 only to realize that I had placed my contacts in a case filled with moisturizer, and it showed no signs of rinsing off. So I tossed that set and got out another pair of lenses.

Going for my coffee, I realized I had no disposable coffee cups to take it in, but I found one of my amazon.com tumblers to carry it in instead, complete with a top I somehow managed to make leak all over my bare bosom after my shower.

*sigh*. Easy enough to fix. At least the syrup was sugar-free and wasn't sticky after I had wiped it off.

Even after I put my makeup on, I still looked tired in my eyes and my hair looked flat. Lost cause today. Whatever.

With just enough time to get dressed, I found that the top I wanted wasn't the one hanging up clean and waiting for me. I took a desperate look in the closet, which cost me valuable time.

Then I just gave up and grabbed my shoes. One of them was wet because my angry little dog had peed on it. I know I should have immediately put them in to wash, but I was already running late. I do not know WHAT his problem is lately.

When I went to the kitchen to refill my coffee and rush out the door, there he was, wanting out again. Well, I can't leave him out while I'm at work, so that was just too bad. I yelled at him for peeing on my shoes and promptly knocked my coffee over in the sink.

Yes, four-letter words were involved.

On to work, and I managed to knock my keys under my classroom door. I couldn't open the door, and I couldn't close it. It was stuck because the keys were jammed underneath. What's more, I couldn't get the keys out. I don't know how I got them back. Sheer blind stupid luck, I guess.

I also can't print progress reports for my students. I can't even get into the state system to update their grades from last week. And believe me, they keep asking for those reports. Soon I'll have a supervisor on my back about it, who will then proceed to talk to me like I'm too stupid to run a simple server-based computer application.

I really need for something to go really right with my day, or I'm going to head to the store and buy a bunch of the darkest chocolate I can find here. Then I'm going to exile the dog, lock the door, and turn off my phone.

There are nine days left of this school year. I'm beginning to contemplate taking nine sick days. I could. I might, if someone doesn't talk me down from this ledge before I totally flip out.

I went home and passed out from 4-9:30. A few times I almost woke up, and I know I did a little sleep-talking on the phone and on Facebook , but I was exhausted. Now it's nearly 11 pm and I have to go shopping. Feels like this week has been ten days long already and it's only Tuesday. Blech.

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