Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feel so bad :(

I've been having blood sugar problems all day. :(. Stressed out and angry too. Which is why I've been posting coping strategies on Twitter. I'm only half kidding.

We saw a huge crowd gather during class today, kids yelling "He hit him right in the eye !". It sounded like a fight so we headed to stop it. At some point I saw another teacher starting to run and I thought "uh ohhhh" and decided to run as well.

So halfway there I kicked off my sandals mid-stride and sprinted. In a long skirt. Barefoot on the blacktop. I don't know how fast I was moving but I got some surprised looks. :).

Yeah, you try it.

With my high arches and tender diabetic feet, I don't think I'm gonna become a barefoot runner, however. I do not want to develop little hobbit feet after all. I like my little feet tender and not hard. How does Eddie Izzard do it, anyway?

Aww, y'all didn't believe my stories when I said I used to be a fast runner, huh? I told you so. I can swim fast if I need to go and rescue a child too.

Maybe that adrenaline rush kicked my butt though. I've been feeling like a crying jag has been coming on ever since I got home.

For the record, my posterior shin splints (inside of shins, or maybe stress fractures) are now hurting all over again. Time for Tylenol and ice packs, I guess.

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