Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finished Granny Stripe

Took me less than three weeks, but i didn't work on it every day, just mostly at the ballpark. Washed and dried after this stint in the backyard, of course. It covers the top of a queen sized bed, though I haven't measured it yet. I love the rainbow of colors. :).

So now it is ready to go... Where? I'll either sell it or put it away as a future gift for someone in my family.

I will say this: yarn that looked dirty to me stopped looking so bad when I started working with it and it became "mine". This could be due to the fact that as it went through my hands and got knocked around all over the place in progress, I probably knocked off a lot of the residual dust.

Now that I have washed the finished afghan and put it through a no/heat air fluff cycle in my dryer, that abandoned yarn seems to have a new life. (The previous owner of this lovely stash passed away, and family members gave it to me in a huge garbage bag. I hope she approves that her yarn is going to be loved instead of thrown away.)

I feel a tiny bit better, which could be due to the sixteen hours of sleep I got last night. I finally woke up at 1:30.

I have a sick doggy, though. Poor fella has been retching this afternoon. Got the bedroom carpet and the corner of the bed. Nice. Eww. He's snuggled up against me napping right now. No playing. I bet it has something to do with drinking mossy water in the backyard yesterday. I took him in, but I think the damage had been done. :(

Perhaps I shall try making some baked zucchini chips today.

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