Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food Poisoning Delirium

Now that I've had time to consider, I'm fairly certain it was my breakfast that gave me food poisoning and not my coffee this afternoon. After all, it takes a certain number of hours to incubate and grow and I remember feeling rather sick during cafeteria duty at lunch. That's why I was gone for so long. I can't stand for there to be any witnesses when I'm sick. Can't stand to be touched either, even when my entire skin isn't aching and filled with knife-like stabbing pains.

I went shopping after work with simple plans to buy an armband for running and it hit me while I was in the store. Several waves of nausea and pain, all at once. I was hoping in baby steps all the way after that: make it to the front of the store without getting sick. Make it out without wailing in front of strangers. Make it through checkout. Make it to my car. Make it home. make it to the bathroom.

I almost didn't make it home. When I got there, sure enough, I got sick and it felt like I'd swallowed pieces of glass. Sweating, nausea, chills.

I usually lie on the bathroom floor to dump some of the heat from my fever, but today I caught a chill and went to my bed, wrapped up in a very thick sweater and blanket to keep warm. That was sometime before 6.

And the next thing I knew, I woke up at 1 am. Somewhere along the line I just lost consciousness and couldn't wake up. I was in a place where there were no dreams. Kinda like my waking world. ;).

I suppose that's better than the hallucinations that come with fever for me. (My temp is lower than average, so when my fever hits the 104 degrees that make other people crazy, I've been hallucinating for a couple of degrees already. Oh, the joy of being alone with nobody to check on you when you have an extremely high fever and you're so out of it you don't even realize you're in danger of your brain being cooked.)

Well, at least I wasn't awake and in pain. Thank you, brain, for shutting things down for a while. Still, I had wanted to work on my sweater. And I'd planned to go jogging until the lightning and rainstorm hit.

Best laid plans and all that. Can't run when I'm doubled over wondering vaguely about appendicitis.

I can hear thunder rumbling outside and I wish the storm would just fiddling around teasing, and hit with a lullaby for me. The only thing that would make that better would be someone to snuggle with. Fat chance.

I suppose the advice I was given today about who I should look for right now is spot on, but I don't know where to look. I'm at a loss.

David was right -- I did like that video for "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon. Yup, I suppose that makes me weird to so-called normal people ;) Looks like the guy is demon possessed to me. Either that or somebody cooked and ate his pet chicken Lol.

Now I see why the song was mentioned in Fifty Shades of Grey. It fit perfectly with the helicopter flight and as a preview of what was going to transpire. Hot as a fever. Rattling bones. Knuckles are pale, feels like you're dying. Le petit mort indeed. Ha ha.

That is the sound of a man immersed in obsession. I get that. Been there myself. Oh, I know I may not seem the type but that's because you don't really know the true me. Only a couple of people do, and they probably don't even realize what they're privy to.

I like the sound of the singer's voice. Desperate. ;). Also makes me wish again that I could play the drums. :D Anybody want to teach me?

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