Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grounded off the Track

Sitting here after my 5 1/2 hour nap (gosh, my naps at the end of the school year get longer and longer just to cope with the chaos and stress of the day). I'm not sure whether it is my brain or my heart that needs the healing more, but something is certainly demanding that I sleep far too much these days.

Today the school records person emailed my department to let us know that she expects us to hurry up and get final grades posted immediately. Um, we still have two weeks of classes left and it would be WRONG of me to deny them that time to max out their grades. So take a chill pill and just freaking WAIT for my grades. By the way, I can't get in to post any grades right now anyway, mmmkay?

My shins are aching a bit. I blew off my training run because I was still feeling some pain and total rest is recommended for shin splints. They won't get better unless I take it easy on them, so here I sit. Maybe I should put ice packs on.

This is completely my fault. I should have stayed off the pavement and hit the cross-country trail as I had originally planned to do. I'll admit I was a little afraid of running alone in the woods. Now? Not so much. I'm invisible, after all. ;)

I finished that afghan though. Lol. Now I just have to weave in all of the loose ends and wash it. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate weaving in loose ends? Maybe this time they'll stay.

This would be a great place for a Ryan Gosling photo that reads "Hey girl, let me weave in all those loose ends for you while you take a nap and dream up your next project."

Anyway, it'll give me something to do at the ballpark on Thursday, while people gawk at the sheer size of the thing.

Only a couple of weeks ago it was a narrow strip of 8 inches and people were cracking jokes about how long it would take to finish. I was told by a corrections officer that I'd be surprised how many big, scary men in prisons do beautiful knitting and crochet. No, I wouldn't. It calms my nerves and they have nothing better to do anyway, as far as I know. Hey, great for them. I didn't have to go to prison to learn. ;). I wonder what they do with the things they make. Charity work, perhaps?

Three weeks, and well, I'm done. It would have been less time if I hadn't made it ten feet long to start. (I failed to notice the instructions I used specified dk weight yarn. Hahahah we don't have that here in the creative dead zone of the country.

I didn't get the dark chocolate as I intended, so I think I might make some hot chocolate. I'm not impressed with the rich creaminess touted by the Ghirardelli canister, by the way. If it's so creamy, why do I have to add milk? Hmm. Sounds a bit like ye olde Stone Soup to me, eh?

If this stuff is representative of what Ghirardelli has to offer, don't see what the big deal is. Right now I'm thinking longingly of one of the dark chocolate bars with chili that Lindt makes. I guess I was Mayan in a former life. (Might explain my inability to stay awake in a Mayan hammock. Or it could just be the unique way that they cradle and I need some kind of cuddling. Oh shut up.)

Cinnamon and chili in my chocolate just sounds yummy. Of course, not everybody can handle the bitterness of it, but it's chocolate, after all. Athena may perpetually influence me, but Cupid still insists I must dedicate myself to loving chocolate. Small consolation, but there it is. :)

On the other hand, I read that eating the equivalent of one Hershey's Kiss before running helps somehow. How about a whole bag of them, will that make me Supergirl? :D

I got a SPIbelt (search for it on Amazon that way) today. It looks like it is no wider than a zipper and seam allowance, but I can fit my iPhone inside IN its Otterbox, plus keys and a few other things for running. Pretty neat. A bit like Hermione's bag with the undetectable extension charm. Hahah What glee! I finally found it. Not bad for a hopeless muggle. ;)

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