Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm all twitchy

Make no mistake -- that's stress. It started this morning with my eyes hurting. Achy eyeballs. Nice. By lunchtime it had progressed to eye twitching. Funny, this started the semester I began student teaching and it has never really gone away. I still remember those days clearly, but they feel as if they are part of another person's life that was downloaded into my memory bank.

Normally, it's just one spastic lower eye muscle that bothers me, and it's pretty rare. Lately it has begun happening daily.

And today? Both eyes, upper and lower, simultaneously. I suspect my eyes might just roll out of my head entirely next. Not sure anybody would notice. I was served more cold shoulder today, and it wasn't barbecue. Sill no clue why. Probably some imagined insult, unlike the very real insult tossed at me by the same previously.

I joked to myself that I needed a mental health day. (You know what a mental health day is, right? Teacher isn't necessarily physically ill, but if they don't take a day off, they're going to go freaking nuts. ) So, I'm mentally ill right now, with some physical symptoms reminiscent of a panic attack and eyes that won't calm the heck down. What do you do for that, take an antihistamine that I don't have?

I need to... _______ well, work off some stress. Yeah I know, people keep telling me what it is that I need, and I'm aware they are only kidding about 10%. I hate admitting that they're right but they probably are and there is nothing I can do about it.

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