Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is it still a veggie if you liked it?

That almost sounds like the argument for or against reading _Fifty Shades of Grey_.

(Yes, that's the best I can do regarding proper underlining for a book title on here. Now you see why I usually just utilize quotes even though I know they are for shorter works' titles.)

Is it still acceptable to enjoy reading a story if it describes deviant behavior? Is it still deviant behavior if both parties consented and enjoyed it? Oh, the things some people will never understand...

Someone once defined a nymphomaniac as "someone who has more sex than you do." Humans can be so judgmental when they are minding everyone else's business.

Perhaps it is best that we keep our noses out of the bedrooms of people who are happy doing whatever it is they are doing there. Just because one is a nosy peeping-tom voyeur, it does not make other folk exhibitionists who are willing to share with you.

Well, on to the food. We can all have food. ;)

I just made my first batch of zucchini chips in the microwave (I've been making potato chips that way for nearly 15 years) using a Pampered Chef microwave chip maker. Even though the insert says NOT to make anything other than potato, sweet potato, apple, and yucca chips on it, I tossed caution to the winds and dashed ahead.

Yucca? What in tarnation is yucca? Isn't that some kind of cactus? I don't suppose it is available here. Why eat something that sounds like "Yuck-a-chunk of cactus!"

I didn't like using the chip maker because it took at least ten minutes to get a single small zucchini cooked into chips. Maybe it was my microwave, maybe it was my fear of fire, I dunno.

I decided to try the oven baked version next and they are cooking now. It'll take about an hour to finish them but at least it isn't an hour with me standing and opening the microwave at 30 second intervals to check progress, as recommended. (It also vents some of the moist air as you go.)

I made mine oil and parchment paper free because I am baking them on a well-seasoned PC baking stone. They better not stick because it should be a nonstick stone by now. :)

I might try making kale chips too. It seems that this could be a good way for me to increase my vegetable intake because the chips are delicious. Cooked zucchini? Not so appealing. Zucchini bread? Oh yes please, but what do you do about the oil, sugar, and extra carbs? Grr.

Zucchini au naturel plus a little barbecue seasoning or seasoned salt. :). I'll take it.

Now, I'm not about to become a health food advocate or vegetarian, but i do need to find ways to make me want to eat healthier food. And I do like to cook delicious food. If it comes out less than fabulous, I don't want to cook it.

I tried years ago to turn my family on to my microwaved potato chips. :). Not a raging success (probably because we grew up on greasy chips in the 70s and 80s), but my nephews got a little older and began to appreciate the hearty crunch just a bit. Still, I can't have potatoes in any form around much.

I am, of course, the cake decorator of the family ;). Yep, the purple glittery sheep of the bunch, though I do love my black fleece at times. So when I cook for other people, I want it to be spectacular. :)

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