Saturday, May 5, 2012

Keeper of Secrets

I am the one entrusted with others' secrets.... Probably because I don't ever tell them. The only secrets I blab are my own, and let's face it, I don't have anything to lose from letting the world see my scars. They are my explanation, not an excuse.

Besides, all too after someone else tells my secrets anyway, so I might as well beat them to the punch, eh?

There is someone I'd like to expose. I do know an ugly secret about him and he has wronged me and someone I care about. Her ex. He hacked her Facebook account and posted ugly phony confessions posing as her, then then changed her passwords on her Facebook account and email accounts do that she couldn't get the damage repaired. And then the bastard hacked MY account and changed my password too, so that I couldn't help her again.

It didn't work. I DID repair the damage. He can bite me.

He accomplished this via a key logger on her computer in her house. That's the only way he got my info too, because I would NEVER share my password with anyone.

He crossed the line of death. I have been nothing but kind and generous to him. I could easily humiliate him by telling the world (literally) that embarrassing secret of his, if i am bothered again. I know what it is. I could lay it out and make a biological problem sound like an absolute character flaw.

What will I do if he doesn't cease and desist? Use your imagination. Drag me in the middle when I was minding my own business and you will be sorry.

So, fair warning. I prefer being nice but we are not going to engage in some game where I'm punished for my sweetness. That's a whole different scene, and I'm not playing.

Still, I am the keeper of secrets. I don't tell them to entertain others, and I don't spy for users. Please don't ask me to rat someone out for some petty purpose. I will not do it.

Disclaimer: I'm just a little annoyed by this. In the interest of not dwelling, it's back to my attempt at southern belle sweetness, y'all.

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