Monday, May 21, 2012

Late night and glass jars

...Though not as late as usual and I was industrious.

I washed all of my bedding and had a marvelous night's sleep. I don't think my comforter was completely dry, however, and I wound up needing a blanket. Oh, I also spun the mattress, so it was like my personal dent was gone. That's a lovely thing.

I'm not sure if he "fresh bedding effect" is real or simply mind over matter, but I did sleep well last night in the few short hours I had. Perhaps it was my failed run yesterday - mostly walking as it so happened. All of that oxygen pumping through my bloodstream certainly gave me a healthy glow this morning.

I made oatmeal-in-a-jar last night because I'm trying to lay off the protein bars a bit. I think I'm probably fine on protein as it is,but oatmeal is a smarter breakfast.

Basically, I put a serving of old-fashioned rolled oats in a half-pint jar and topped it off with skim milk. Cooked it until it was barely warm and then refrigerated it. Ready for a short bit of reheating this morning, and all I had to add was a couple of squirts of my sugar free cinnamon coffee syrup for a yummy hot breakfast.

I think larger servings would have been better, but I do already have a collection of those pesto jars. They're cute and very useful for adding some country-styled organization, so far to my bathroom shelves, anyway.

I remember having a fascination with small glass jars when I was a little girl. I believe I'm still fascinated. Plastic just doesn't hold the same charm.

I also made my morning lattes last night and put them in the fridge ready to drink. At this time of year, I'd rather have my wake-up cup cold anyway. (Skim milk, sugar free flavor syrup, instant coffee. Ooh, I'm such a bad girl. Kinda lazy too, if you consider the instant coffee. Lol I am making the attempt to drink better. )

I could make the lattes in glass jars as well, but I don't have a collection of jars in large enough sizes.

So hey hey, I'm recycling too! Dare I cut the bottles the syrup came in into glasses and vases, since I seem to have a talent for breaking my own drinking glasses lately? No other way to recycle them around here, unless I try my hand at making dandelion wine... I could do that. Lol

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