Sunday, May 20, 2012

Like My Grandmother

My maternal grandmother has always impressed me as an elegant southern lady from Georgia. She has that old-fashioned, soft aristocratic accent too. Instead of hard Rs she says ahs. Know what I mean?

I love her but I have to admit that I have always been awed by her, and I never felt that I would be as classy as she is. :).

The last time I was at her house in 2005, she took me to her bedroom and I could tell she was struggling with something she wanted to say to me.

Some background info: I'm her only first-generation grandchild who never got married. All jokes aside, I just never found anyone who was willing to be nice to me. I'm the quiet one, and it does take some effort to get to know me. I suppose most guys didn't want to waste their time on a chick who wasn't easy. ;). They just didn't like me enough to show it.

I didn't think that getting married was imperative because I needed someone else to take care of me. (I took care of myself. In some ways, I raised myself. I got little parental guidance on anything.)

Local men often seem to get away with treating their girlfriends or wives awfully because they know that their woman believes she has to have a man or she is worthless. (I've heard them say it many times. "She'll put up with it because nobody else will have her!" Someone even said it to me. Guess what? I put an end to it.)

Come on, y'all, it's not true. You have even better reasons than I do to show a little backbone.

I also didn't subscribe to the local idea that if I didn't have a husband, I was nothing. Well, the locals still think of me that way, but my more sophisticated friends elsewhere tell me that I really am not suited for small-town redneck life anyway. I just need to move to where people like me are in abundance and my outlook will improve.

My grandmother makes quilts and crocheted bedspreads for wedding gifts for her grandchildren. Ah, isn't that lovely? :). The sentiment she was struggling to express was that she is getting along in years (she turned 90 this year) and she wanted to make sure that I had something in case I ever did get married. She was just afraid that she would die before seeing me married.

:D. Heeheee. It's a little funny, you have to admit that. And sometimes you need the laughter to prevent the tears.

Unfortunately, it is a distinct possibility.

So I chose a lovely lavender shell-stitched afghan for myself, because I do love purple and making myself happy is the important thing.

We had a good laugh about it and I hugged her. She had worried that I would be offended by her fear I'd never get married. Well, at least now *I* don't have to worry about it, right? ;)

So, mindful that I have nieces and nephews from the branches of the family tree that didn't just die, and knowing that they will likely all need wedding presents some day, I'm following my grandmother's lead. I'm working on making a stash of blankets and afghans in my leisure time (it's all leisure time when you're single and off work). Oh, and baby blankets as well. They'll have children.... Before you know it.

I suppose you could say I have a weird compulsion to make sure that those I care about stay warm.

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