Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making Fruit Tea

I'm from the Steamy South (don't know how sexy that is, with it being the Bible Belt and all), where we can make tea outside... Just with the sheer heat of the sun. Yes, really. And then we pour it over ice and call it the house wine of the south. ;)

Right now I'm devising a recipe for my own fruit tea. It's either going to be tropical or black cherry. Hmm. Could go either way. I also have a bottle of yummy strawberry cider in the fridge that I should probably drink before it goes bad and gets wasted. I wish I could get more of it but I have to wait until October to search for the seller again.

Heck, I could probably make my own. It tastes like lightly sweetened strawberry jam. Mmmmm.

My friend Tom is celebrating a birthday in Russia today. His 49th, I think. His birthday is the 24th, but I think it's already there in the near Siberian place where he lives. Totally inappropriate association with him, cherries, tea, Russia, and Mikhail Baryshnikov from that episode of Sex and the City. He said Russians actually use sugar or honey to sweeten their tea. :).

Cup of Earl Grey? Lol

I don't understand putting milk into tea, however. Eww, sounds nasty. Oddly enough, I can't drink black coffee, and my family's way of making iced tea is to boil it in a pot on the stove. :D. I know, that's so *wrong* but I got compliments on it when I took it to a dinner party once.

I was thinking, really? But I have had some local iced tea that is simply hideous. I think that somebody attempted to slip in saccharin or some other artificial sweetener, and that's disgustingly awful. 2 quarts of iced tea + 3/4 cup of sugar. Mmm just right.

But you know, I'm American, so what do we know about proper tea? I dunno, but we know how to dump it in the harbor if you piss us off. ;)

So there's my secret for southern tea. Lol. Someday I'll go back on Facebook and find where I shared my grandmother's recipe for Poor Man's Pudding. Bread pudding, actually, with no icky raisins and made from leftover homemade biscuits. (Not cookies... Scones, I suppose.)

I loved her pudding. :). But it's a family recipe that she possibly created herself out of necessity, and I happen to like it better than traditional bread pudding. It's wonderfully comforting stuff. I always said that i would make it for my children if they were home sick in bed.

But children aren't in the cards for me, though I still make the pudding sometimes for family. With hard sauce, for my brother. Lol

Hmmm. My tea smells ready. :)


Well, that was an interesting and worthwhile experiment, but I don't think it's going to become a staple in my kitchen.

I think I'd rather make fruit tea with uh, fruit juice, rather than syrup. Mix half orange juice and half pineapple juice, then mix THAT with half tea. 25% OJ, 25% pineapple, 50% tea.

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